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Wheelchair Lift Installations

Opal Vertical Platform Lift

South Suburban Christian Church
7275 South Broadway
Littleton, Colorado

The Project

The Church needed access to the stage in their new hall. The Opal (a low-cost, open-platform lift with a lifting height of 60") was the perfect solution.

As we always do, we worked closely with the contractor during construction of the building. In this instance, we were able to identify several issues before they became problems, saving the contractor time and money.

With the "Open" Platform Lift design, there is no enclosure around the outside of the lift. Instead, a safety sensor underneath the platform detects obstructions, preventing the lift from traveling if there are any objects in its path.

The Installation

Opal in Lower Landing
The Opal in the lower landing. Note the 3" fixed ramp at the bottom.

Opal in the Raised Position
The Opal in the raised position. Note the "open" nature of the lift.
The under-platform sensor detects objects for safety.
This design saves space and costs, but is only available up to 60".

The upper landing
Looking into the cab from the upper landing.
This is a standard 34" door, with the Opal's standard 34" x 48" platform (smaller than the Genesis standard platform of 36" x 54"). Larger sizes are available up to 42" x 60".

The Opal Controls
The Opal Controls.
The red button is the stop switch, while the black rocker switch provides the up and down controls.
The stainless box to the right is the hands-free emergency phone.

The Hall Controls
The Opal lift uses heavy duty weather resistant rocker switches for the up and down controls. These controls are not as elegant as the Garaventa Genesis Vertical Platform Lift.