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Wheelchair Lift Installations

Artira Inclined Platform Lift

Saguache County Social Services
605 Christy Ave.
Saguache, Colorado

The Project

The County of Saguache Social Services occupied a historic two story building. Many services were available upstairs, however there was no access for people with disabilities.

We met with the county several times to find as many viable options as possible for them to consider. They considered a Genesis, but with no good location to put it, extensive (and expensive) building modifications would have been required.

Finally after much consideration, they determined that the Artira Inclined Platform Lift was the best solution.

This solution cost less, because no building alterations were required. Plus, because it could be installed without changing the building, the historic aspects of the structure have been preserved.

The Installation

The Artira at the Lower Landing
The Artira at the lower landing, where it is normally parked.
Notice the slimness of the lift, taking less than 12" from the wall.
Also notice how the controls on the lift are concealed for security and safety when the lift is folded.

The Platform Unfolded
The platform in the unfolded position.
Note how the appropriate ramp unfolds to allow acces, while keeping the other ramp in the up position.
And the safety arms behave in the same way. All of this takes place with the single push of the Unfold button.

The tubes that carry the lift up and down. Notice the 180 degree bend at the mid-landing. Notice how the tube hardware fits around the handrail without requiring any changes to the handrail.
Also notice the code-compliant handrail built into the tubes. This ensures that the stairs comply with building codes when the existing handrail is removed or obstructed.

Upper Tubes
The tubes that carry the lift to the top landing.

Tall Towers
This tower configuration is not typical, but is perfect for this application. With wooden stairs, there is not enough strength to support the lift safely. These tall towers extend up through the open core of the stairs to support the tubes and lift.

Tower Detail
These are the same towers, reaching all the way down to the floor. Notice how they are custom designed to fit around the handrail without requiring any modifications to the handrail or pickets.